Monday, 2 April 2012

Time to kick this thing off

Hey Guys, I thought I would kick things off with a couple of pictures that I personally photoshopped. Facebook was holding an event for "cutest couple", so I thought that some of my works would be suitable (more like UNsuitable trololol). So here are a few photos that I photoshopped Kony's (that evil guy) head onto. I made another one with Kony and Hitler. Yes I know these pictures are 'pointless' and even 'stupid', but hey, they gave me a laugh. So here they are:

 This was my first one and I know it wasn't done very well but i'll get better, i promise

This one was a lot better in my opinion and got a few 'likes' on the facebooks.

I made this one for a different event, but I still think it's funny enough to share.

This one was even sillier again. Because Hitler's photo was in black and white, while the rest was in colour, I decided to use an effect (can't remember which one :\ ) on the whole thing and it worked surprisingly well.

Now remember i'm not the best at photoshop, but all of these photos are my own original content, and they gave me a bit of a laugh, so I think there alright. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.


  1. The hitler & kony one +1 bro lol

  2. Hitler and Kony were meant for each other lol.

  3. hitler and thing i've seen today :3

  4. Hey now let's see a color version of the Hitler one... That's my favorite... Following for laughter

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  5. haha, yea, Carl Weathers was great in predator

  6. Yes, the last photo is the best xD

  7. Rofl good photoshopping bro.
    Follow me back and comment!

  8. HAHA nothing new today but i lold againXDD

  9. Kony's faec is simply exploitable. Makes for epic lols.